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Renga 6M.Phil, M.A, B.A. in Indian music from University of Madras. Higher Grade in Tamilnadu Govt.Technical Examination in Vocal and Veena. TTC in Music in Govt. of Tamilnadu. Practicing Grade 8 of Practical(Electronic Keyboard) and studying AMusT C L of theory and Singing, Rock and Pop Vocal Grade 8 in Trinity College of Music, London. AMusT C L of theory and Western music training from Mr.Augustine Paul M.A., LmusTCL.,and Karnatic music training from Prapancham Sri Ravindran (A top Grade mruthangam artist in All India Radio)

PROFESSIONAL – Initial training in Karnatic music from Sangeetha Bhushanam  Musiri  R .Gopal Ratnam, Thiru Yettayapuram Natarajan A I R(Trichy), Thiru.Kannan A I R (Coimbatore) and Theperumanallur N.Ramachandran A I R (Pudhuchery).‘B’grade devotional artist from A I R. Proficient in composing music (Karnatic , Folk , Western and Hindu and Christian devotional songs) in musical softwares like Swarshala,  FL  Studio,  Finale, Sound Forge , Wave editor. EXPERIENCE- Director, Sri Music Academy, Chennai. Proficient in conducting classes for Vocal, Veena, Guitar (Carnatic music) and Keyboard,Vocal(Karnatic and Western) with theory for the past 27 years. Working as Sangeetha vani Academy, Tapaz academy, Dora Kid Centre , Pencil park, Ravindran Academy of Music and


Skype ID: rengaraaju

Mobile : 94451 8325780561 88167, 96771 69217. 

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Major Scales
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Flat Major Scales 7 Sharp Major Scales 7

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Titanic Theme Music
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Titanic Flute

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Major Scales and Beginers song
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Sharp Major Scales 

Flat Major Scales 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Arppegios

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Vakrathunda Mahakaya
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Trinity College Question Papers 1- 5
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Devotional Songs
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Devotional & Patriotric with notation Songs

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Karnatic Basic Lessons
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You can download all basic lessons for your practice and enjoy learning.


Basic Lessons

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